Sunday, November 12, 2006

well hello and good evening to you...

i think i may have hit upon a solution to my Wal-Mart problem: send my girlfriend :) at this point, i am forced to admit that WM is useful, and they do carry products that i just can't find anywhere else, but i really hate going. i know hate is a harsh word to use, but there is no euphemisim available to me, i do hate going. so, my girlfriend being the wonderful person that she is, has agreed to go there for me. i am a lucky man. now if i can just find the list...

Monday, November 06, 2006

I learned something new about Wal-Mart today, today being Sunday; it is really not a good idea to go grocery shopping at WM at 11:00 pm. since i hate shopping there anyway, i went to kroger first, but they are closed at 11, so i (unfortunately) had to head to WM. there were a lot of signals that i picked entirely the wrong time to go. 1. i know everybody hates working on sundays, especially sunday nights, but it really seemed to me that there was not a single ounce of cheer among any of the employees there tonight. i made eye contact with a few of them, but there seemed to be a lack of any kind of response. and i'm talking any response period. no smiles, no frowns, no acknowledgment at all. the cashier didn't even say anything, not even when i asked her how she was doing. oh well, truth be told, i'd probably turn my brain off if i had to work at WM on a sunday close to midnight. (note: this is not to disparage any of the employees of WM, i'm sure they are all good people.) 2. i guess the major, end-of-the-weekend restocking gets done on sunday nights. i guess this because not only were a lot of the product shelves and aisles very devoid of any product, but i also could barely push the (wobbly-wheeled, crooked) cart through the store due to the enormous amount of unwrapped products on slats in the middle of almost every aisle. let me tell you, it's always an awesome time when you get stuck behind someone walking at a snail's pace and there's no way to get around them or the cellophane-wrapped mounds. fun times! and i say times because i wish i could say that it only happened once. alas, that was not the case. well, i think i've done enough complaining. hope all you readers out there are well. talk to you again soon!

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

time again for another Wal-Mart blog...

I hate Wal-Mart because:

all the clothes are made for people that are at least 10 sizes bigger then i am. i try not to shop there, but late at night, when i need a shirt, Wal-Mart is the only place open. but after a few terribly unsuccessful trips, i declare here and now that i will never buy a shirt from Wal-Mart again. i admit, i have a slim build, size 32 waist, medium shirt, but still, every piece of clothing there makes it look like i'm wearing a tent. i feel like i could fit a family in their shirts with me. and not a small family, i'm talking mom, dad, couple of kids, grandparents, maybe an aunt or two. why are all of the shirts at Wal-Mart made for XXXL people? is that the market they're aiming for? i guess i am outside of the target Wal-Mart shopper demographic. too bad for me.

it is impossible to park there without obtaining at least one new scratch or dent on my truck. every freaking time! and i wish i could say it wasn't Wal-Mart, that i've experienced this at other places, but no, it only happens in their parking lot. i wonder if the average shopper at Wal-Mart just pushes their carts around the parking lot, closes their eyes, and just lets go. does it seem that way to anyone else?

it seems to me that they refuse to hire cashiers that can smile and reply when i ask how they're doing. i know it sucks to be at work, but if a customer asks you a question, even if they're not serious and just being polite, is it that hard to reply? maybe even crack a smile? i figure it has to be the Wal-Mart environment, because i really haven't experienced this anywhere else. i try to be polite and personable and say hello to the cashier, but it always turns out poorly when i deal with Wal-Mart employees. :(

i guess that's enough complaining for now. thanks for reading!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

i didn't see my last post, so this is a test. i repeat, this is only a test. if this was a real emergency, we'd probably all be dead by now.


to pick up things from my first post, i was headed to aisle 15, the only one i could purchase my (terrible!) cigarettes. i noticed that there was no cashier, although waaay down at the end of the aisle stood a group, a gaggle if you will, of 6 female cashier-persons; they seemed to be in the middle of an animated, somewhat-ignorant-sounding, conversation. i say ignorant-sounding, not to guess at their collective intelligence, but to illuminate the point that the dialogue contained phrases like: "Naw girl, you know dat fool only call cause he still be tryina get wit you," and such. i proceeded to the register, where i can guarantee you, i stood without notice, for a solid ten minutes. now i know ten minutes is not a lot of time in the real world, but ten minutes in 'standing in an aisle at wal-mart' time can seem an eternity. after a long wait, one in which i know i was noticed by at least three of the engrossed employees, one began to amble her way towards me. or maybe i should say, she moseyed her way towards me. for those of y'all not from south texas, a mosey is a slow amble, in which you appear to be walking without effort or pursuit of speed, with no part of you body moving in any kind of hurry. so, she moseyed toward me. but, to my eternal surprise, she did not come alone. another of the group broke off, and matched the first ones path in my direction, although she moved through the separation of aisles, in the space that i occupied. they continued their conversation. i won't again attempt to copy their dialogue, the honest truth is that trying to follow it gives me a small headache. Their conversation continued, not up to the time when the cashier started to scan my items, but through it; it seemed to involve another employee who got into a verbal altercation with a customer who claimed the scanned price of an item did not match the posted price. apparently, during the transaction, the employee became so confused that he not only gave the woman a refund, he gave her all of her purchases for free. this story seemed to be the source for a ton of amusement between the two employees who were conversing around me. this conversation continued through the entire process of me trying to purchase my goods, and i felt i should get involved. i mean, by now twenty minutes of my life had been wasted on it, i thought i should contribute. when the time came for me to swipe my credit card, i jokingly insinuated that the purchase price for my mini-dv's was different from the advertised price. damn, i should have kept my big mouth shut. the cashier turned to me, her first acknowledgement of my presence, and with fire and brimstone in her eyes, admonished me against messing with her, and that 'today was not her day', and she'll be damned if some punk was gonna mess with her. i was shocked! in retrospect, i could have made a fuss about it, but by this time, i was pretty doggone anxious to get the hell out of wal-mart. i replied, "yes ma'am. sorry ma'am." signed my receipt and left, happy to be done with wal-mart for the day, but of course, it was not to be. last thanksgiving, i purchased a brand new ford F150, 11 miles on it, the 'other' love of my life. my mistake was parking it in the wal-mart parking lot. i am now, thanks to this day and a fellow wal-mart customer, in possession of a lovely blue truck with a giant, crescent-shaped scratch on the passenger side. damn you wal-mart! damn you to hell!

that concludes my tale, although i know that soon there will be more horrors experienced, more tears spilt, and more anguish felt thanks to my awesome, neighborhood super-store. damn, that's a lot of words typed for not a lot of story. sorry :)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


we all know that when it rains it pours, but sometimes it seems like the sun waits a little longer to shine again then normal. i finally got all my medical issues taken care of, and not two days later, my mom had surgery. we knew it was coming, but it sure was a shock to be at the hospital all day, then to see the strongest person i know need such care. but it seems that the operation went really well, now we have to see how the recovery goes. gotta have faith, right? i do promise that i will finish the wal-mart story that i started n my first blog, and soon, and it will live up to the hype and be everything that you've all desired! okay, okay, i promise, at the least, that it won't suck. hope all is well, and i'll see you all tomorrow.

tony lee

Thursday, October 05, 2006

fellow classmates and professor l,

i apologize for not coming to class lately and not really being involved in anything. besides trying to focus on school and work, i found out a couple of weeks ago that i may have a cancerous tumor or a hernia and i have been seeing a couple of doctors to see what can be done. this has been a little frightening as i haven't really been sick in a looong time and i've never had surgery before, and i think i didn't really give the other aspects of my life the attention they deserve in a while. it seems that luck is on my side, in that i found out at the radiologist today that it is an infection, and although it will take a while to deal with, there's small chance that things will exacerbate and i can get back to everything else and i can focus on our activities and be a part of the class. i have to tell you that everyone's projects seem really interesting and i know i will enjoy all the time i get to spend in class, being inundated with everyone's ideas and working and learning beside you guys. again, i'm sorry for not really being all there lately, and i appreciate you all reading this and putting up with my antics. see you all in EMAC!

thanks again,

tony lee

Thursday, September 28, 2006

this morning i was perfectly ready to post a blog about another terrible situation i experienced at wal-mart, but i thought i'd be clever and listen to a few podcasts while i wrote. everything started swimmingly, although 'Drink til I'm Funny' and the 'Penn Jillette Show' podcasts were not terrible amusing. i clicked on HBO's Dane Cook podcast in itunes, and throughout the first three i listened to, i laughed my ass off. literally. i have no ass now. luckily, i purchased some grow-an-ass pills yesterday, so i should have the situation rectified by classtime. i saw a longer pc featuring Dane Cook, but when i clicked on it i was first taken to a parental advisory warning, then to a registration screen for the apple music store. i have an ipod, so i'm already registered, so 'no sweat' i thought. wrong, wrong, wrong. after cancelling the registration screen, i lost all audio on my computer. i tried dane cook, i tried ask a ninja, i tried lots of things. nothing, nada, zilch, zip, zero in the audio department. so, now i not only can't finish the rest of my EMAC homework, i also have no idea what a ninja's favorite way to kill someone is. what kind of a cruel, twisted world is it where i can no longer hear a ninja's thoughts? not one i'd want to raise kids in :(
alrighty, it's now 6:27 a.m. and i have a 9:00 class, so i'm thinking this is a problem that will become resolved tomorrow. tata till then...